Thursday, September 28, 2006

Y10: In case you need help with your homework, here it is. Remember, your story needs to cover the fight and the entrance of Prince Escalus and his threat- in my example, it would be Sheriff Escalus!

All must:
Rewrite the story, up to and including the entrance of Prince Escalus

Most should:
Set the story somewhere other than 12th Century Italy- Baz Luhrmann chooses 21st century America!

Some could:
Use some of the dialogue from the original play.

Date due in: Friday 6th

Word count: At least 500 (2 ½ sides or so)

Example: Wild West Romeo and Juliet

The desert sun beat down hard on Sam and Greg, two bad-ass cowboys from the Capulet ranch, just outside the one-horse town of Verona, Texas. On their way to Verona’s only saloon, the two men kicked up dust as they swaggered down the street, throwing evil glances at the good folk of the town and boasting to each other about their days of hard liquor and fist fighting.

Suddenly, the street fell as silent as Jesse James’s grave as two good ol’ boys from the Montague ranch strode round the corner. A tumbleweed blew between the four men: you could cut the tension with a blunt Bowie knife.

Slowly, carefully, Sam reached to his holster and eased out his revolver. “My naked weapon is out,” he whispered to Greg, “quarrel, I will back thee.”


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