Sunday, May 14, 2006

Prince Of Wales Educational Summer School Chaucer Survey

Dear all,
Hello- I hope you are well and enjoying the fabled ‘slack time’ which is supposed to appear now that your Year Elevens, Twelves and Thirteens are likely to be on study leave. Only the GCSE moderation sample, the update of the schemes of work, your PGCE student’s final report, all those PM observations you haven’t done yet and that pile of SATs marking you’ve taken on to pay for your holidays in spite of your disgust with the test (which was particularly iniquitous this year) to do!

To business- as part of my preparations for this year’s Summer School, I want to collate as much information as possible about the way Chaucer is taught (or not taught) in schools. Please take a few moments to complete this survey and email it back to me, or cut and paste it onto my weblog at . It’s open access, just pick the post called ‘Prince of Wales’ and add a comment. Many thanks for your help and I look forward to seeing you if you’re coming to the Summer School this year.

All the best,


Do you have scheme of work for teaching Chaucer in Key Stage Three? If so, give details of year group, which texts you use and what kinds of things you do with it.

Do you have any way of studying Chaucer in Key Stage 4? Please give details, including which board you use at GCSE and how Chaucer studies fit into the syllabus.

Do you have any AS /A2 classes studying Chaucer? To my knowledge, AQA has taken The General Prologue off the syllabus for Unit 5 in 2006 and The Merchant’s Tale was examined for the last time in Unit 1 in 2004. Is there a similar picture with other boards?

Please make any comments on the perceived importance of- or interest in- teaching Chaucer in your department.

Many thanks again for responding to this- a few words would be greatly appreciated.


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