Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prince of Wales Educational Summer School: Sue Horner, QCA and 'Literary Study'.

Welcome delegates of the 2006 Sumer School- glad you found my blog! I use this with students so please do not leave any contact details on your comments: they might be misused. However, my email is the kids I teach have this anyway so I don't mind publishing it here.
I'm sure you'll remember why this blog came up in Sue Horner's talk on Saturday: she wanted some suggestions for the design of the 'Literary Study' component of the new English GCSE orders, and we only had a few minutes to respond. As the ESS website does not yet exist, I suggested using this blog to collate your thoughts.
It's very easy- just click on 'comments' below, check the 'anonymous' box and type away, or cut and paste from Word. You'll also need to copy the squiggly letters into the box marked 'word verification'- this prevents the blog being spammed (I can't believe I just wrote that!). Please leave your name and school in the text of your submission. I'm also happy to pass any questions or comments you have on to the ESS Steering Group or the Cambridge academics if you do not have their contact details yourself.
The immediate challenge for us all now is to hold on the the best of ourselves when we're back in the cinderblocks and cynicism of everyday school life. Good luck with that, and I hope you'll all stay involved in some capacity or other.
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