Saturday, August 26, 2006

September 2006- back once again with the ill behaviour.

I'm back from my holidays (Norfolk, Greece and Turkey in that order) and looking forward to the new school year.

Y10s (now Y11s): If you want the marks for the first part of the Equus essay, let me know in a comment below and I'll post them, or email me direct on

Y11s (now in Y12 / work / apprenticeships / eating cheesy Wotsits and watching SpongeBob): Not a bad set of results- couple of disappointing grades and a couple of very good ones. On the whole, you did better at Language than at Literature- I've got my own ideas on why but I'd like to hear yours. As a class, you did on average half a grade better in Language than in your other subjects, and in Literature pretty much the same as in your other subjects.

Y12s (now Y13s): With a couple of exceptions, I'm pleased with your AS results. Most of you got your ALLIS predicted grades.

Y13s (now University students/ work/ eating cheey Wotsits and watching SpongeBob): Bit of a mixed bag, but overall pretty good and a couple of really pleasing results. Again, email me if you want to talk about your results.